Individual Assistance

If a Presidential Disaster Declaration has been made for your county, you may register for disaster assistance by calling 1-800-621-3362 (TTY 1-800-462-7585). Specially trained operators at the National Processing Service Center will take your information and begin the application process. Your registration will be forwarded to the appropriate agency for follow-up with you. You can expect to receive printed materials in the mail that explain in detail the verifications that you must provide to complete the application process. In some instances, a federal inspector may also contact you by telephone or letter, to set up an appointment to physically view the damages to your property and personal effects.

HI Hazard Mitigation Plan (2013)

KITV News Tree Information

Last year, HEMA received $1 Million from the State Legislature to fund the 2009 law known as Act 76, but nothing in the law says the State is liable for damage done to Kiese's roof. HEMA spokeswoman Shelly Ichishita said the tree next to Kiese's property is still slated for removal, although she couldn't say when. Under the law, the State must provide at least 10 days notice before entering a property to remove a known hazard. If a homeowner refuses permission, the governor can obtain a court order to gain entry. The governor can also bill the property owner for ALL COSTS associated with the removal of the hazard and place a lien on the landowner's property. Anyone who believes there is a natural hazard on or near their property that warrants removal by the State under Act 76 can contact HEMA at 800-733-4300 or Email .

Take Action Against Albizia

If your property or a road is within the fall zone of an albizia tree, you need to take action to prevent damage and harm to people and property. The fall zone is the height of the tree that becomes the radius of a circle once the tree falls.

House Bill 1713-CD1 was passed into law in July 2009. It "Authorizes the governor to designate state-employees (in this case, State Civil Defense..) to enter on private property to mitigate hazardous situations after giving the landowner and/or occupier notice and reasonable opportunity to mitigate the hazardous situation without assistance of the State. The State may seek recovery and reimbursement of costs and expenses through direct payment or a lien against the property."

Your Role:

Step 1- Write the property owner about the situation. Include photos and the wording of the law (Above), and ask him/her to let you know within 30 days if they will handle it themselves or authorize you or someone else to do it.

Step 2- Send this letter Certified/Return Receipt and keep a copy for your records.

Step 3- If there is no response, take your documentation to Civil Defense and ask them to address the hazard.

CIVIL DEFENSE Phone Number- 733-4300